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Fine Garment Cleaning

At Quail Dry Cleaning, our blend of environmentally safe, non-toxic solvents provides a fresh agent for fine garment cleaning, including silk blouses and dresses, linen jackets, leather pants and more. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your most prized clothing was handled delicately and with great care. For fine garment cleaning, we start with pretreating spots and stains, and then utilize fresh soap and sizing products to gently clean your fine garments.

Our family-owned and operated dry cleaning business has been serving the Charlotte, NC, community for over 20 years. That means you can trust that those precious items that belong to you will be processed by professionals who not only know how to dry clean, but care about the longevity of those items and their meaning to you.

Tip: Do you have a spot on your silk blouse? View our section for instructions on stain removal and other fine garment cleaning solutions.

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fine garment cleaning