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Household Items

You take pride in your home, so why not have your interior items professionally cleaned for a fresh household look? Let our pleasant staff preserve your non-garment furnishings with stellar services such as down comforter cleaning and other blanket cleaning. When purchasing linens and other bed furnishings, if you see washing instructions such as cleaning down comforters, think of the professionals at Quail Dry Cleaning in Charlotte, NC, and what we can do for you! While it may be difficult to achieve correctly at home, down comforter cleaning is a specialty of ours and we look forward to getting yours as clean and comfortable as possible.

In addition to comforter cleaning, Quail Dry Cleaning in Charlotte, NC, also specializes in tablecloth cleaning and caring for your bedspreads, quilts, sleeping bags and more by utilizing the same environmentally friendly processes we use to clean your clothing, so that your household items keep looking new. Whether you have a linen table cloth with hard-to-treat food stains, or you’re wondering what how to clean down comforter means on the labels you’re reading, we have the tools to make your home items look and feel brand new.

Tip: Utilize our Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery service to save time and money on your larger, non-garment items.

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household items