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Wedding Gown Preservation

Congrats on your big day! The memories of your wedding will last forever and so should your precious wedding gown. Don’t let stains such as soda or wine seep into the delicate fabric, so be sure to utilize our gown preservation service. Bring your wedding gown to one of Quail Dry Cleaning’s five Charlotte, NC, locations as soon as possible after your wedding. And for extra savings, see our $20 coupon below!

As a leading wedding gown preservation company, we’ll have your dress gently cleaned and pressed, then padded and packaged into an heirloom box to keep out light and other damaging elements. Our wedding gown preservation costs are very reasonable, so you can leave for your honeymoon knowing your wedding gown is in great hands! Tip: Champagne and perspiration stains may not be noticeable until weeks or months later when they become impossible to remove, so bring your wedding gown to one of our five locations as soon as you can.

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wedding gown preservation